hi guys, im taking a bit of a break from tumblr for a month or so in an attempt to reclaim my life! tumblr has really been draining me lately and i think i need to go rediscover a few things. i thought about setting up a queue but i truly do not have that kind of energy (lbr who does) 

i love you all a lot!! and i’ll see you in a month(ish?)

Track Title: Can't Hold Us Down

Artist: Christina Aguilera

Album: Stripped


Can’t Hold Us Down | Christina Aguilera (ft. Lil’ Kim)


Christina Aguilera feat. Lil’ Kim - Can’t Hold Us Down

here, enjoy the censorship

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october is a great month because i can buy a frickton of candy and no one will question it. they’ll just be like “oh you’re stocking up on candy to give out to kids on halloween how sweet” because that seems like the obvious answer. but no. oh no. that candy will not make it to halloween. all that candy is not for children. all that candy is mine

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"when the boys pull your hair and push you to the ground
during recess
I promise not to tell you that it’s because they like you.
when the teachers call home to tell me that
you pushed them to the ground in return
I’ll take you out of school early and buy
you your favorite ice cream.
when you get older and the boys
try to touch you when you don’t want to be touched
I’ll look at you like the sun when you come home
with anger in your fists.
they all tell you not to fight fire with fire
but that is only because they are afraid of your flames.
when the boys yell after you like hyenas
you yell back, baby.
I will not teach you to be afraid of your anger
so that you look for it in others.
I will not make you be the better person
because you already are.
you wanna fight ‘em? fight ‘em.
don’t you dare apologize for the fierce love
you have for yourself
and the lengths you go to preserve it.
when the boys try to tell you to soften up
I hope you make them bleed with your edges.
I hope you remember that you are not theirs
that their disappointment in you is not yours.
when the boys come to your door with pretty words and
angry eyes
I hope you show them the anger in yours.
I hope you show them just how strong your mommy
thinks you are.
I hope you show them the animal they can’t always
see in their own reflection.
when the boys come with the intention of hurting you
my advice will always stay the same, my darling:
give ‘em hell."
— when the boys come | Caitlyn S.  (via mikasake)


i love straight people. their tiny little legs. their big black eyes they use primarily to see at night. their short little noses. the way they can regenerate their lost limbs. wait. salamanders. im thinking of salamanders. i love salamanders 

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dance around the fire. as the sky turns charcoal, those sworn to the dark and unseen emerge from the ground all clad in mist and pumpkin hued leaves. ghastly figures and hellions of the underworld, some called upon by the necromancer and sorcerers themselves, and all to revel in the night we call all hallow’s eve. listen

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u know whats fuckin hardcore

people on this site who don’t speak english as a first language but blog in english anyways

taz gives me some sound advice

taz gives me some sound advice




Whenever my friend says goodnight to me on Skype he sends me this gif


and I wanted to send it to him tonight so I went to Google “black man turning off lamp” but Google autofill changed it to “black man turning into jet” and I got this


Long story short it’s 1am and I’ve been laughing at this for approximately 20 years

Which one of you assholes brought this back

this is brilliant

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get ur cute relationship out of my sight can’t you see i’m busy being alone bitter and disgusting 


quick babby alex thingie
my heart hurts (;へ:)


quick babby alex thingie

my heart hurts (;へ:)

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